Neil Wilson Bird

GREAT FALLS- On August 27 a man was pulled over after the car he was driving came back stolen, police finding several stolen debit and credit cards in the car.

Police reports say Neil Wilson Bird was out on bond for burglary and theft charges when he was pulled over in a stolen vehicle and police found he had several stolen debit and credit cards, most of which belonging to one person.

Bird had stolen the person’s entire wallet and made several transactions, seven of which were approved and totaling over $1,000. Police say in total he attempted 18 charges, and if all the transactions were approved it would have been over $2,500.

When reviewing security cameras police saw Bird go to an ATM twice in a half hour and pull into the Target parking lot around 11:30 P.M. In the video, Bird was driving a different car that was recovered as stolen.

The report says Bird was out on bond for burglary and theft charges and has a lengthy criminal record.

The report also says Bird is currently pending two other cases that have not yet been formally charged into District Court that he committed while out on bond as well.

Bird is being charged with deceptive practices, theft and two counts of driving while suspended/revoked and his bond is requested to be $100,000 to run alongside existing bonds that total $100,000.

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