David Calgaro

GREAT FALLS- One man is facing an assault with a weapon charge after he's accused of threatening another man with a knife near Whittier School on Friday, February 8th, 2019.

The victim told officers he was stopped in the middle of the road, talking to a coworker when David Calgaro pulled up behind him and started honking his horn. The victim says he promptly moved out of the way but Calgaro pulled over and got out of his vehicle holding a large knife. The victim then called 911 and Calgaro fled the scene. 

Court documents state when interviewed by law enforcement, Calgaro admitted to confronting the man with his knife, but it was only because the other man made gestures that he was going to shoot him and appeared to reach for a gun. Calgaro later changed his statement, saying the man only pointed his finger at him as Calgaro drove by.  Calgaro also told law enforcement that he could not remember if he pulled the knife out of its sheath. He said he was not angry, but just wanted to "handle" the situation.

Security video of the incident was reviewed and does not show the victim making any kind of gesture toward Calgaro before the confrontation.

Calgaro has prior convictions in multiple states for Theft, Indecent Exposure, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon by a Restricted Person, Intoxication, Interfere with Arresting Officer, False Information to Police, Receiving Stolen Property, Robbery, Tamper with Witness/Juror, Criminal Trespass, Burglary of a Vehicle, Criminal Mischief, and Aggravated Assault - Non-family - Knife.

The State has requested his bond be set in the amount of $20,000. 

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