Michelle Belknap

GREAT FALLS - “I was born and raised here in Great Falls so I haven’t gone far laughs, but I started working for ESGW in 1998 as the chief operating officer vice president of operations. Then in December of 2000 promoted to President CEO when Sally Serny retired,” said Michelle Belknap.

Finally, after more than 20 years with Easterseals, Michelle has been recognized for her work.

She received the distinguished career award for helping grow the company to where it is today.

And that's no easy task.

To be nominated for this award, you must have at least twenty-five years of service in Goodwill and be employed as a CEO for fifteen years.

After being nominated by 18 other CEO’s of Goodwill without her knowing, Belknap was at a loss for words.

“So I really just basically thanked them and I basically said I was overwhelmed because I was I had no idea people who received awards after me had these nice long speeches and I didn't,” said Belknap.

During my conversation with Michelle, she was very soft spoken, and to call her humble would only be scratching the surface.

But the numbers to back her up speak for themselves.

In her time with the Goodwill, Belknap has helped to grow the company from $6.4 million in assets to $36.7 million.

All that while keeping the company out of financial debt and maintaining a good work environment, with artwork from their clients lining the halls of the building.

Belknap is a walking example of Great Falls - proving that hard work and determination pay off.

Making her this week's Montana Treasure.


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