GREAT FALLS – A Local father, author and president of The Get It Factory, Ryan Acra, has a special series of books about a mouse, that is very close to home.

Acra's latest book is called Lakey Lynn and the Ferocious Fit. 

Lakey Lynn is not only the name of the series but also Acra’s daughter who is the inspiration for the stories and adventures of the series main mouse character.

The characters in the book represent Lakey and her family showing the different adventures and challenges of growing up.

From giving up the pacifier to not wanting to put on socks you never know what could be coming up next for Lakey.

 “It's relatable for all parents even for people around toddlers and they think of how a sock can set off an entire fit so that’s kind of what we do is try and make it fun,” said Ryan Acra

Acra told us the series is planned to continue and even teased about a series focused on how Lakey goes to college.


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