GREAT FALLS - Areas all across Montana were rocked this weekend by intense wind speeds clocking in at over 100 mph in some areas.

Now the next battle starts for those affected by trying to start repairs and clean up.

The problem a lot of people faced after this weekend wasn’t just from the bad weather, but the time it happened since most insurance agencies are closed on weekends, making it hard if not impossible to get help immediately after the devastation. 

One local agent told me how in situations like this having a local agent can make a huge difference.

"I feel it is really important to have a local agent instead of calling a 1-800 number because then you do get that personal conversation about what your specific needs are versus someone who is just trying to sell you something over the phone, they can tailor your coverages to you, "said Amanda Brattain, Personal Lines Account Manager, Cogswell Insurance Agency

One of the best things someone can do is to be as proactive as possible because if you wait to get a certain coverage you can be out of luck if something bad does happen to you or your property.

I learned one of the most disregarded coverages when it comes to these storms comes from the cleanup crew costs. 

People think they don’t need it covered and can sometimes be slapped with a multi-thousand dollar bill. 

The agency told us the most common call they had been getting after the storm was on tree damage and clean up costs.

All in all the best thing you can do is to prepare and talk with your provider before the storm to make sure you are covered as much as possible.


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