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Summer is in the air, as the school year begins to wrap up and the days get warmer.

 But a shortage of life guards may be putting a damper on your potential summer plans.

Right now the city only has enough to open a couple locations including the water park, but on the event a guard became sick or unavailable there really is no room to spare.

We spoke with Marian Permann the aquatic supervisor for great falls who explained the desperate situation the pools are in.

“At this rate Great Falls High will not be able to offer lessons because they font have life guards Meadow life Country Club may have to reduce hours we may not be able to open neighborhood pools.”

Permann continued to tell us that there are currently 75 to 100 positions available and if you are interested you can get the cost of your training class reimbursed.

If becoming a lifeguard is something you’re interested in you can reach out through parks and rec at 771-1265 or the community recreation center at 452-3733.


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