Ice jam prompts road closure south of Cascade

Sheep Creek Road just a couple miles south of Cascade is closed and it's the latest road to fall victim to an ice jam.

Cascade County has closed off the road which leads to the fishing access because water and ice is now covering it completely.

While this is a minor ice jam for now, the National Weather Service says we are in the midst of ice jam season, and this means it could cause problems in the future.

“You worry about flooding when they jam up and back up upstream of the ice jam, but you can worry about flooding again during the warm up with that rush of water. The dam breaks basically and it rushed down stream,” said Senior Service Hydrologist Arin Peters.

The National Weather Service would like to remind people to not go on closed roads due to ice jams. Especially do not walk out on them. You could be walking on feet of ice and only a couple steps later be walking on inches.

They be sure to check their website to see the latest forecast on ice jams.

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