GREAT FALLS - 18 years ago, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Though it happened in New York City, Americans across the country were impacted, including right here in Great Falls.

On Wednesday evening, about 500 people took part in a 9/11 memorial ride, going from Smelter Avenue up to Flag Hill on the other side of town.

Aside from the dozens of motorcyclists, first responders came to participate as well, including Malmstrom Air Force Base, the Vaughn Volunteer Fire Department, and Great Falls police.

"It doesn't matter what bikes you drive, anything, it's just a way of coming together to remember a horrible day in a great way," said James Mertz, one of the many motorcyclists who paid tribute.

From Flag Hill, the group then traveled to the Veterans Memorial off River Drive, where they held a candle-lit vigil.


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