GREAT FALLS- You can probably name a couple of grocery stores in a 10-mile radius of your home, but for folks living in Geraldine, MT depending on their location, some couldn't name one in a 70-mile radius two years ago, but today that's all changed.

In 2014, the only grocery store these people had shut down due to the owners calling it quits after several years, until 2017 when a husband and wife living in Geraldine took initiative to rally the community together and start up a new store.

After a year of making plans including the store's location, what items people needed, and how big it would be, there was still the lingering question of how they'd get money to afford it. So they started working with different organizations like the Great Falls Development Authority who'd help finance the store.

"It's been a roller coaster since then. We have had so many ups and a few downs. A couple of times when our board members have thought today's the day we're going to resign," said Tricia Juedeman a Geraldine resident.

After raising $48,000 themselves two years ago to purchase the old grocery store and start the new one called, Fresh Start Co-Op Association, they’ve now secured financing from GFDA and Stockman Bank to purchase their building.

People say, it's really brought a sense of vibrancy back into the community, and it's providing jobs for those in Geraldine.

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