High school students get a taste of the college experience

GREAT FALLS- Over 150 high school students throughout the region got a taste of college life on Thursday thanks to a program that gives them hands-on experience at a Great Falls College MSU.

GFC MSU offered students from all around to sign up and get a glimpse of how college classes work.

After picking a topic they were interested in, Students were given the chance to go through three mock classes. In those classes, they were able to experiment with practical job-based lessons while learning about their career choice as a whole.

Thanks to college in a day, students were able to get an idea of what they'd like to do later in life while getting to meet new faces and friends.

“It’s been really cool to experience what the classes are going to be like and what they go through. It's fun to interact with kids my age who are my age, who are also looking to go to college into these fields,” said Jacob Boetticher, a senior at Power High School.

The program is one of several from the college created to make the transition to higher education a little easier, and those behind it say they are excited to host this annual event and hope to continue seeing more high school students come out each year.


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