GREAT FALLS - A dance group in Helena is bringing their artistic talents to the Electric City, as they finish up their first ever tour across the state Friday.

Cohesion Dance Project’s “Resonance” is a collaborative project, where artists inspire other artists through their work. For instance, performers helped students Thursday at Lincoln Elementary with expressing themselves through paintings.

Now, the interactions between the two have inspired Resonance in more ways than one. The multi-media performance will feature dancing alongside live music, with some of the choreography being based off of poems written by Lincoln Elementary students.

"We took the kids' poems and sort of interpreted some of the more descriptive words or imaginative ideas that they came up with," said Amber Moon Peterson, Resonance’s co-creator and contributing choreographer.

School outreach is just one of the ways the group uses art to encourage a sense of community since the program launched in 2018. While it has artists from around the Treasure State, they also hold auditions for local performers to participate in every city they perform in.

"We have six dancers from Great Falls who are amazing, and I love them. They're so talented and beautiful," said Peterson.  

The performance will also showcase artwork. Its building process was sometimesa bit of a waiting game, as artists had to wait for their peers to finish their projects before they could take inspiration and build upon them. But the waiting was worth it for everyone involved when it all gelled together. 

"It's just really satisfying I think for not only the performers to experience that, us on the sidelines as far as the artistic director, the tech crew. It's amazing for the schools and the students to be able to see that all come together," said Co-Creator Tanya Call, who serves as the program’s artistic director.

While plans for next year's show isn't set in stone, those in resonance say they wish to continue to inspire and encourage would-be artists.

"It's really kind of our responsibility to make sure that art is still happening, for children and adults as well," said Amber.

Resonance will take the stage Friday evening at Mansfield Theatre. The performance kicks off at 7:30 in the evening. For details on how to purchase tickets in advance, you can visit Cohesion Dance Project’s official website or buy them at the door.


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