Heads up! Wrong lane turns equal tickets

GREAT FALLS, Mont.- Police are asking you to stop turning into the wrong lanes because one it's not safe and two it's illegal when you don't turn into the closest lane towards you. 

A local bus driver says he agrees that people may not know if this is right or wrong. He thinks it doesn't hurt to remind people that it's illegal. 

"People that make wide turns into the right lane, especially in a school bus, as you make your right turn you need to get into the immediate left, and so you get into your appropriate lane and they get into your blind spot,” said David Schuler, a driver with Big Sky Bus Lines.

Schuler hasn't been in an accident because of people turning incorrectly. But police are saying hey- it's a great reminder to pay attention to where were turning and be careful.

For starters police say you could get a ticket with a fine attached to it. Not to mention you're potentially risking causing an accident hurting you or another person. Schuler says he's seen this cause accidents and has had a few close calls because people weren't turning in the proper lane. 

"I think people forget, and a refresher would probably be really good. To be honest with you I've done it myself in my earlier times of driving and I became very aware of it when I got my CDL to drive a school bus seven years ago and said oh, I've been doing this, it's illegal."

Now some people asked does this rule still apply if you have a larger vehicle like a tractor or truck- that answer is yes.  

All and all police are saying it's a reminder to be careful and pay attention to the road and what lanes you're turning in.

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