Harvest your tree from a national forest

From: Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest

You now have the chance to harvest a tree from the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. 

To get your tree all you have to do is buy a five-dollar permit. Permits are available at any Forest Service office at the Forest. 

Each family is able to purchase up to three permits. 

The Forest Service is also giving free permits to all fourth graders on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There are some things to keep in mind when harvesting your tree:

  • Remember to securely attach the permit to your tree.

  • Do not cut trees in active timber sale units, developed campgrounds and recreation sites, designated Wilderness areas, or within 100 feet of main roads, creeks, or streams.

  • When harvesting your tree, please do not leave any live branches on the stump, and trim the stump to no more than six inches above the ground.

  • Please select a tree shorter than 12 feet tall, and do not cut off the tops of trees

These instructions will be included on the permit.

For more information, you can call your local ranger station.

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