GREAT FALLS- A donation from the Great Falls Realtor Association is helping feed students in need throughout schools across the Electric City.

The Great Falls Realtor Association presented an $11,000 check to the GFPS Foundation for its homeless student project today.

This is the 4th year in a row the Great Falls Realtor Association has donated to the GFPS Foundation.

But money wasn't the only thing they were able to give, on top of the check, 5,000 toiletry items were given to the foundation as well.

Even though they were able to more than double their donations from last year; schools have a hard time keeping their shelves stocked because of the growing issue of student homelessness. 

“I had a family who was living in their van and their kids came to school every day to shower and get ready for school at school; because that's what they were living. And it's important, I don't think people realize how many... how many of them are,” Said Jan Mader, the Director of the Great Falls High Food Pantry.

This time of year is especially important with students taking home a little extra food for the holidays and if you'd like to donate, you can drop food and toiletry items off at Great Falls High School.

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