During tonight's Great Falls Public School's board meeting, the Great Falls Public Schools Foundation announced that they received a special donation of $500,000 from the Oakland family.

The Oakland family owns the City Motor Company here in Great Falls. Their donation will directly benefit Great Falls High School's Career and Technical Education center.

Programs in that department focus on specific skills to help students get quality jobs after they graduate. The money donated will fund new equipment for the automotive, welding and wood working classes at Great Falls High. 

"For an automotive student, they're going to get training so that they can become a certified technician once they get out of school," Great Falls Public Schools Foundation's Executive Director Dave Crum said. "For a welding student, they now have the welders that will allow them to be able to get out of school, get certified and go to work for different welding shops in Great Falls."

Today, the school board voted in favor of having the Oakland family's name on the building because of their generous donation.

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