Great Falls Public School System welcomes new year, new goals

GREAT FALLS- If your child is in the Great Falls Public School System it's just one day away from the new school year. With a different year on the way, the district has announced new goals.

According to the Great Falls Public School (GFPS) district, the theme this year is “What helps you grow”.

The GFPS new superintendent Tom Moore said he's encouraging the entire school system to confide in one and other so that students and faculty continue to develop throughout the year.

Moore explained whoever someone is, if something is going to bring someone down talk about it because at the end of the day the most important thing is the students.

"When a child enters preschool or kindergarten until that point where they graduate and leave us. We have a huge responsibility to protect, nurture them along and help them grow,” said Moore.

Christi Virtis, a GFPS teacher explained she has made it a point to take kids under their wings and help them flourish. She added it can be a challenge at times to find out what kids of hers may need some extra love or if they prefer more space.

"Each year you never quite know what group of students you're going to have and the baggage that comes with the students,” said Virtis. You'd like to come in thinking that everybody has a well-fed meal and all of the things that are necessary to learn at home and not everybody has that."

Virtis said she’s excited to get the school year going and welcome new leadership.

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