Gregory Gobert

GREAT FALLS- A Great Falls police officer and a ride-along say they discovered a stolen truck early on September 11.

The driver of the car, later identified as Gregory Dale Gobert, suddenly turned down 9th Avenue South away and sped up, driving with the headlights off.

When the officer turned on his lights to pull Gobert over, he allegedly continued speeding down residential streets at around 45 miles per hour.

Gobert turned down 10th Street South and almost hit a patrol car before continuing to run away.

During the chase, Gobert turned and drove in the wrong lane down 10th Avenue South, with his headlights still off.

Gobert turned around in a parking lot across the street from the Holiday Village Mall, continuing in the correct lane of the road down 10th Avenue South.

An officer positioned himself in the center of the lane, but Gobert allegedly drove directly at the patrol car, swerving to miss him at the last minute. In the police report, the officer and the other person in the patrol car for the ride-along both said they felt they were at risk of being hurt.

Gobert continued to flee while being chased by several officers before hitting a curb and getting launched 23 feet into a parking lot on 15th Avenue South,  damaging concrete curbs and blowing two tires.

Officers ordered Gobert to exit the vehicle and during arrest found Gobert’s license had been revoked.

Gobert was admitted to the ER for injuries, and reportedly told medical staff that he'd injected methamphetamine prior to the incident.

Gobert was arrested and charged with fleeing/eluding a peace officer, passing on the left, reckless driving, operating a vehicle with improper registration, failure to have headlights illuminated, driving while suspended/revoked, assault with a weapon, two counts of theft, and two counts of assault on a peace officer or judicial officer.

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