Officer Stephanie Kazior and Senior Officer Aaron McAdam

Courtesy: Great Falls Police Department, Facebook

Two Great Falls Police Officers are being recognized for their generous efforts to help a family in need.

Recently Senior Officer Aaron McAdam and his trainee, rookie Officer Stephanie Kazior, were responding to a report of a runaway at a home in Great Falls.

"It's important to show those new officers what the Great Falls Police Department is about -community, compassion, and courage and we were given an opportunity to help somebody in the community and show compassion," said McAdam.

During their investigation, the officers quickly realized there was no food in the home. The runaway took off with the family's EBT card and they had no other way to buy groceries. The officers knew they couldn't leave the family with empty cupboards, so they took matters into their own hands and decided to give back.

"Sad. Seeing situations like that, they're all over the place. It's not just this one family. There are so many families in Great Falls struggling economically.  There was a younger child in the home and they had no food, that was their source of food money essentially," said Kazior.

McAdam added, "I know that lots of kids struggle in the community and to be able to be a help when necessary is kind of why I got into this job, and so that was one of those moments where I didn't feel comfortable leaving until we did something to address the practical needs of that situation."

They went to Super 1 Foods and used their own money to buy enough food for the family have for a few days.

McAdam says "The family was really grateful for what we did and we honestly didn't even really want to make a big deal about it."

The Great Falls Police Department posted pictures of their good deed to their Facebook page. So far the post has been shared over 2,500 times. They say their team often goes above and beyond to help others because it's part of their job.

The runaway returned home a few days later with the EBT card.

The officers say they hope to inspire others to help people in need this holiday season.

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