Great Falls parking garage upgrades

GREAT FALLS- We're diving into the City of Great Falls' $800,000 parking budget. We're sharing some of the specific items this money is going towards.

The City of Great Falls has begun installing new lighting and technology in their parking garages. It's-a part of their $800,000 parking budget, but we're asking the city why these repairs are necessary.

The city says this is a safety and security issue. For example, some of the doors in the parking garage stairwells are rusting causing them not to shut all the way. This is just one example of parking improvements the city says they need to make.

Right now, the city says they are tackling changing the old lighting in the parking garages to LED lighting. These new lights have sensors on them meaning as people come and go the lights will adjust on and off accordingly. This means energy is being saved, resulting in money being conserved.

"Over time when you have open parking garages, and they're subject to rusting and different things like that. So occasionally you just kind of have to deal with it, and that's where we're at today," said Craig Raymond, City of Great Falls Planning and Development Director.

"I think it's a good idea to improve the lighting and fix it up a little because it will make it accessible to people who can't see very well or at night in general. The lighting is kind of dim so it makes it hard to navigate the parking garage trying to find your car," said Joshua Tenbusch, a Great Falls resident.

Other improvements the city is looking to make include, getting the garage's entrance gates and revenue control system back up and running when and if the Great Falls City Commission approves the budget for it.

The city says, money for the parking system does not come out of taxes, it comes from the parking passes and meters. For more details about the city's budget click here.

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