Joshua Forrest Yuhas

GREAT FALLS- A man has been charged after court documents say he did inappropriate things with his fiancé’s daughter, including taking pornographic images and masturbating in front of her.

On February 6, two Great Falls Police Department Officers were dispatched to an apartment on 6th Street South for a report of a runaway juvenile.

When the officers arrived, court documents say they talked to a woman, who said she found her daughter and needed law enforcement to talk to her.

The woman said she and her daughter had gotten into a heated argument following a recent problem between her daughter and her brother, adding that during the argument, her daughter ran out of the apartment.

The officers talked with the woman’s daughter who told them she doesn’t think anyone in her family cares about her, and that she just needs to go see her “dad,” who is actually her mother’s fiancé.

Court documents say the girl told officers that the name of her mother’s fiancé is Josh Yuhas and that she wanted to go to his house because he “understands her and what she’s going through.”

While talking to the officers, documents say unprompted, the girl said Yuhas admitted to her that he had a crush on her.

The officers found what the girl said alarming, and asked to speak with her alone, court documents noting that the girl’s mother seemed completely unphased by her comment.

When an officer spoke with the girl she stated that she and Yuhas spend a lot of time together and that they have become close over the last couple of months.

The girl said she didn’t think Yuhas having a crush on her was weird and that “he is getting over it.”

She also told the officer Yuhas wants to adopt her and bring her to Butte where he had a job lined up.

Law enforcement talked to the girl’s mother in the hallway of the apartment, one officer telling her about the statements her daughter made about Yuhas having intimate feelings towards her daughter.

Court documents say the woman did not seem concerned the first time it was mentioned, but when it was brought up again, she appeared to be shocked as if it was the first time she heard about it.

The woman told the officers that it was the first she heard of the issue, and that she felt really betrayed and hurt.

A doctor then arrived and spoke with the girl and talked to her mother about actions to keep her safe, the mother again saying that it was the first she’s heard of the issue regarding Yuhas’ feelings towers her daughter.

The girl then said, “We both told you this a couple weeks ago,” which court documents say her mother denied. The girl told her mother to “quit lying.”

When asked, the woman said that she knew about Yuhas’ attempt to adopt her daughter and take her with him to Butte saying she, “squashed those plans.”

A CPS worker talked to the girl about her relationship with Yuhas, the girl saying he would go to the mall with her and her friends and that he joked around by trying on girl clothes at Spencer’s and Hot topic, tried on bras at Victoria’s Secret and did other inappropriate things to “embarrass her in front of her friends.”

When the CPS worker asked the girl if she thought this was weird, the girl said she just thought it was embarrassing.

Court documents say the girl also disclosed that Yuhas masturbated in front of her, solicited photographs of her genitals and showered her with gifts, affection and attention.

Law enforcement also learned during the investigation that Yuhas may have reset his, the girl’s and the mother’s phones to factory settings.

During an interview on February 13, court documents say Yuhas admitted to having a crush on the girl, falling in love with her and struggling with his attraction to her.

He also admitted to masturbating in front of her while she visited his home and to erasing his Snapchat account and the contents on his, the girl’s and the mother’s phones because there was evidence of those behaviors on the phones.

Yuhas also admitted to deleting child pornography on his Google account because there were pornographic images of the girl on the account. He also said he took two pornographic images of the girl with his cell phone before deleting them because he knew they were child pornography.

A few days before being interviewed, on February 9 a trooper found Yuhas going 53 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone. Yuhas was charged for a 4th DUI, speeding, no insurance and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Court documents from February 11 say Yuhas scored as a level one the Public Safety Assessment and that the state requested that he be released on his own recognizance.

Court documents from February 13 say Yuhas has three prior failures to appear according to the PSA and his Pre-trial Monitoring level was one.

Yuhas’ bond was requested to be $75,000.

Joshua Forrest Yuhas has been charged with five counts of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, indecent exposure (minor under 16 years of age) and two counts of sexual abuse of children.

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