UPDATE (04/10/19 11:48 AM) - Charging documents acquired Wednesday reveal that Tibbets had allegedly stolen $416.56 from Emerald City Casino at gunpoint in the Monday robbery. 

His bond is set at $75,000. 

Tibbets has a criminal record beginning in 2004. In the past, he's been convicted of felony criminal mischief in 2005, assault in 2008 and multiple parole violations in 2016. 

A man in Great Falls is now in custody after he allegedly robbed a local casino at gunpoint Monday evening. 

33-year-old Carl Tibbets is a suspect in an armed robbery that took place at the Emerald City Casino at 9:15 PM, according to the Great Falls Police Department.

Tibbets reportedly threatened the clerk with a semi-automatic handgun and demanded to be given money. After receiving the cash, he fled the scene on foot. Police say he was wearing a ski mask and aviator sunglasses.

Police later found and identified Tibbets early Tuesday morning after receiving a disturbance call describing a man and woman arguing in a truck. The woman was yelling about something Tibbets had done last night while holding wads of cash in her hands.

They later found large amounts of low-value cash in Tibbets' pockets and noticed a pair of aviators in the vehicle.

Tibbets faces one charge of robbery and theft. Authorities are currently working on acquiring a search warrant for his vehicle, and the case is still under investigation.


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