GREAT FALLS – Officers with the Great Falls Police Department arrested a man early Thursday morning for allegedly keeping his family indoors against their will.

The incident reportedly began when Jarrad Paul Solis arrived home drunk around 2:00 AM, according to court documents. Solis went on to kick his wife out of the house, but kept his kids inside. Out of fear for her children, the wife decided to sneak back in through the back door.

Solis went on to yell at his wife once she was inside, before he allegedly grabbed, twisted and pushed her arm.

A police report states the wife tried opening the door and yelling for help several times, only for Solis to slam the door shut. She attempted to leave, but her husband reportedly shoved her to the ground for trying.

One of the kids was able to escape and find a neighbor before calling 911.

GFPD arrived on the scene around 3:00 AM. Officers tried talking to Solis through an open window, asking him twice to come to the door with his hands up. Solis reportedly refused, prompting police to open the door themselves out of fear for the family’s safety.

During his arrest, Solis was uncooperative, resisting and refusing to comply with officers’ orders, according to the report. Police had to force Solis to the ground, and even then he covered his left arm with his upper body to avoid being handcuffed. After failed attempts in asking him to give up the arm, the officers punched Solis several times until they could place him in handcuffs.

In talking with GFPD, the wife said she didn’t suffer any injuries, but felt scared during the incident since Solis had assaulted her in the past.

Solis faces charges of partner/family member assault (PFMA), unlawful restraint, resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer. He also has two prior PFMA convictions.

Solis’ bond has been requested at $25,000. Additionally, the court found that he poses a risk to the people closest to him, as well as the general public.

He will have to take part in an alcohol monitoring program within 24 hours of his release.


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