New store brings board games to downtown Great Falls

GREAT FALLS - In a recent study done by Go Verizon, the Electric City was ranked the 11th best place to start a small business. 

Co-founder of Downtown Dice and Games here in Great Falls Nicole Wiegand talked to KFBB about owning a small business in the heart of downtown.

“I don’t have any experience owning a business in other cities, so it’s hard to have something to compare that to be like this is better or worse,” said Wiegand. 

Verizon analysts used research based on factors relevant to small business.The company gathered information from 300 cities whose populations were small but not small enough to be considered a town.

One of the owners and operator of the Roadhouse Diner in Great Falls shared how the community played into their success.

“We collaborate, we work together and everybody pretty much knows everybody, but it’s wonderful because we can work together and when you get into a bigger place it doesn't happen and I always say great falls Montana is the heart of Montana.”

The survey took into account financial climate, tax costs population and non-farm business as other factors towards their decisions.


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