Great Falls Home & Garden Show: Student-built shed being auctioned off

GREAT FALLS - Through a yearlong construction class, Great Falls High School students are taking carpentry skills they’ve learned and showing them off at this weekend's Home and Garden Show as they’re auctioning off a shed they built themselves.

Students in the class say it’s helping some of them with what they always wanted to do: build houses.

These students say it's a fun experience and a great way to interact with the community. It’s enhanced their carpentry skills and inspired them to challenge themselves in unconventional ways like building a shed from scratch.

"It helped me actually want to come to school. It's actually hands-on, instead of just like learning,” said Rylan Mickealson , an 11th Grader at Great Falls High School.

Today, March 28th this shed is being transferred to the Montana Expo Park. in order to win it, you can purchase raffle tickets from now until Sunday, March 31st at the following locations.

Tickets available:

• Great Falls Chamber of Commerce

• Home Builders Association 327 2nd Street South

• CMR High School Main Office

• GFH High School Main Office

All proceeds will go towards the construction classes and their projects.

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