Great Falls FedEx truck driver heading to National Truck Driving Competition

GREAT FALLS- Imagine all the miles truck drivers tack on every week.

That's got to be an exhausting job but one Great Falls truck driver doesn't seem to be too tired considering he's heading to the National Truck Driving Competition this week, August 14-17, 2019.

Rob Brown has been driving for FedEx for 13 years. He's competed for the Montana Truck Driving Competition for at least six years including winning the Step Van Title at the Montana Truck Driving Championship earlier this summer qualifying him for nationals. 

With a couple of days away, Brown's family is excited to see how he does. 

"They think it's really cool. A lot of them are rooting me on, but the competition level is definitely going to be tough. Now I had to beat out the state level, and I have to beat out the best drivers in the country," said Brown.

The competition is based on safety. There are three parts to it. There's going to be a written exam, pre-trip vehicle inspection, and driving course. The driving course is going to test things like the ability to judge distance, maneuver tight spaces, and park their car. 

He's accumulated one million accident-free miles. Brown has traveled inside and outside of Montana.

Of course, driving many hours means he's observed quite a lot. Which is why he gives us some insight on being a safe driver. He says to make sure you're wearing a seatbelt, stay off your phone and be attentive.

"Being a driver is definitely unique because you're out constantly driving whereas the general public. You know they're driving for 15-20 minutes at a time. You're in the vehicle all the times. So upping your safety from there is the key to everything on being a driver," said Brown.

Some portions of this competition will be testing Brown's driving safety procedures and his abilities. 

There will be over 400 competitors at this week's National Truck Driving Competition.

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