Grace Home vets give back through Polar Plunge

Veterans at the Grace Home say while they often reap the benefits of Montanans helping Montanans, this year they want to give back by participating in the upcoming polar plunge.

“Me and one of my teammates Tim were watching TV and saw the commercial go across and he looked across and said I think that would be a really good idea and I said, well let’s do it,” said Zack Rider

So Team Red White and Really Blue was born. The vets are trying to raise 1000 dollars for the polar plunge, because they say if it wasn’t for the community's outreach they wouldn’t be where they are today.

“The community has given so much since I’ve been here. I ain’t never seen a community take care of its veterans like the way Great Falls does, we would never go hungry here,” said Timothy Atkins.

Team Red White and Really Blue says doing the polar plunge is a win/win for everybody.

“A lot of us here at the Grace Home have PTSD and other things going on so for us to actually be able to get out into the community and give back actually helps us in a way to help alleviate some of our stresses and so on and so forth,” said Rider.

If you’d like to donate to Team Red White and Really Blue to help Special Olympics Montana, here is the link:

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