Gov't Shutdown

The U.S. House of Representatives adjourned Friday without approving government funding, ensuring a government shutdown.

This all comes down to funding for President Trump's border security plan, something that he says we desperately need.

"I would say the chances are probably very good, because I don't think Democrats care so much maybe about this issue, but this is a very big issue," President Trump said.

The shutdown is a partial shutdown. The Department of Defense is one of several agencies that are fully funded through September 2019. This means Montana military bases, including Mang, Malmstrom and Fort Harrison will not be impacted.

Other agencies not affected include Social Security, the Postal Service, VA Hospitals and Border Patrol.

State Departments are affected, meaning that if you're in the middle of getting a passport it could take you a little bit longer.

The IRS plans to furlough a good portion of their workers as well.

Democrats have made it very clear they will not support any funding for the border wall, which is estimated to cost around five billion dollars. 

President Trump is looking towards what's being called the nuclear option, which would change the way the Senate votes, making it possible to pass the House bill with a simple majority, rather than 60 votes.  

The House is set to return from recess at noon Saturday.

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