Frisbee Golf Course is Looking to Upgrade

Summer fun in Great Falls can mean many different things for many different people whether it’s planning that big vacation or heading down to the river for some fun in the sun but for others you could just grab a Frisbee and head out to your local park.

If you are looking for a fun activity to do this summer for yourself or even your whole family, golf may be the answer, just not the golf you may be used to.

As the sun comes out Frisbee golf discs take flight here in great falls.

Drew Kent President of the Great Falls Disc Golf Association told us, “You know it’s a special sport that anyone can do, you know it’s an excuse to get outside and get out in the environment and out from behind the screen and take your family and your kids. It’s always a special time to come out with this beautiful weather I mean what’s not to like about it.”

In terms of rules Frisbee golf and regular golf function basically the same way the difference instead of having a hole you a have a basket and instead of a ball you have a disc and instead of maybe going for a hole in one you’re going for a basket in one.

Starting in disc golf is easier then you might think you really only need one disc and some can even be bought in three packs for fifteen dollars.

For any potential player who may not know where to go, each course in town offer’s a map and pad guides so you always know where you’re going and where you’re throwing.

Maggie Kent The Associations CO Founder told us, “We do have a pretty good turnout at leagues and we see a lot of families here on the weekends but I would really like to see other ladies coming out and playing in groups um it is a lot of fun and is a great way to spend time with your gal friends.”

You can find Frisbee golf discs online or at any local sports wear seller and if you're interested in getting involved with the summer leagues you can find the link to the great falls disc golf association on our web site k-f-b-b dot com.

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