GFPS Superintendent three finalists state why they want the position

GREAT FALLS- Three candidates are in the running for Great Falls Public School Superintendent.

In three days, the Great Falls Board of Trustees will decide who will take over Tammy Lacey's position. Here’s why candidates, Jon Konen, Thomas Moore, and Gregory Nyen believe their best fit for this job.

Graduation rates, test scores, and working to make this school district it's best, considering it's financial constraints. All issues the Great Falls Board of Trustees is looking for these candidates to solve.

Candidate, Gregory Nyen is currently serving as the Superintendent of Schools for the District of Waupaca in Wisconsin, he admits he'll be coming into Great Falls not knowing everything that's been done to cause a shortfall of resources.

"I would have to be brought up to speed very quickly and have to do a lot of homework, but once I've understood what has happened in the past, then it really becomes a matter of me talking with my team members, and with community leaders, and putting together a plan to communicate the why of we need more resources," said Nyen.

Candidate Thomas Moore already works in the Great Falls Public School System, as Assistant Superintendent grades 7-12.

"One of the young ladies with speech and debate participant. She was saying we were interacting this weekend at the state debate here in great falls hosted at CMR, and some of the teams around the state had real flush travel budgets and they were going to other places to compete and visit outside of the state of Montana,” said Moore.

As for Konen, who currently serves as K-6 Principal at Lincoln Elementary, he wants to address how the district is almost maxed out on levy bounds.

"We can't keep going back to our taxpayers asking for more money. We need to figure out how we can get more support from our state,” said Konen.

This Wednesday, these three men will find out who will be chosen as the new superintendent. Whoever gets this position will start July 1st.

During today's meet and greet, residents got a chance to individually ask candidates questions about how they'll fit best in the position.

They're looking for a candidate who can improve graduation rates, test scores, and make the school district it's best, considering it's financial constraints.

In fact, the board tells KFBB, there were forms people could fill out stating concerns, questions, and opinions about these three men.

The board will then see what the common thread is on the feedback they receive, and take it into consideration for choosing the new superintendent.

"It's all talked about in the open. We don't go into a closed session and make a decision on who want to hire. So if people want to come to the interview it's on Tuesday that starts at 4:00 p.m.,” said Jan Cahill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Great Falls Public Schools.

All of this discussion is public except for the candidate’s personal background information to protect their privacy. Over the next two days, the candidates will also be meeting with various entities in the community like the Great Falls Education Association to see how they mesh with each other. Come Wednesday night, seven board members will vote for the candidate they want.

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