GFPS students take D.C. for National Science Bowl

GREAT FALLS- For the fourth year in a row, North Middle School is heading to Washington D.C. for the National Science Bowl.

After winning the Big Sky Regional Science Bowl in Billings this past weekend, landing them a spot in D.C.. for the National Science Bowl, five 8th graders from North Middle School are putting their nose right back in their books, hoping to win a national title.

Now, this competition was pretty smooth sailing for this team, until they got to the finals when they ended up going neck and neck in a double tie-breaker with Luther Middle School, located in Luther, MT. The team says it was an experience full of nerve-wracking tension and anxiety.

"That was stressful! The judge, we like gave an answer, and they were like can we be more specific and then we just waited and waited. It was dead silence. The question I believe was, what is the name for an objects tendency to resist motion in a circular motion. I buzz in, I answer inertia, the judges look and down, quietly confirm, and say what kind of inertia?," said Adam Arthur, Markus Vantassell, and Luke Banks who eighth graders on the North Middle School's Science Bowl Team.

Adam Arthur's answer: Rotational inertia, was right and ended up leading them to win. Now, North Middle School is among 49 other teams who will be at nationals come April 25th, 2019. Their trip is all expenses included. As the team heads to Washington D.C., you can follow their journey here on Wake Up Montana.

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