GFPS job shadow program helping students choose careers

GREAT FALLS- Choosing a career path as students start to think about what's next after high school can be a stressful task. Now, the Great Falls Public School System is lessening that burden for your teenagers through their job shadow program. 

As your high schoolers gear up to graduate, GFPS’s job shadow program is ensuring your teenagers get a taste of careers they may want to pursue.

It’s the hands-on experience these students get making this program unique. Often time’s students are stuck inside the classroom learning, but this program takes them outside those walls, showing them those important lessons you can’t necessarily learn inside the classroom.

Over the last six years, GFPS has been sending students to the Great Falls Clinic, a day with Mayor Kelly, or local businesses like Electric City Coffee Bar and Bistro to see how many different possible jobs you can pursue. As of recently, GFPS has developed a new job shadow experience within Skyline Preschool so GFPS Sophomores, Faith Wardell & Brooklyn Suden who are interested in childhood education can learn more about it.

"You learn work ethic with the adults. It just expands so much, and it's just so much fun,” said Wardell.

Wardell and Suden get to help instruct these preschoolers by getting them ready for breakfast or engaging with them during circle time. These ladies say all of her friends who've been a part of the job shadow experience, have all come back saying how much it helped them learn about their potential career paths.

For more information you can call the Great Falls High School Career and Technical Program: 406-268-6024. 

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