Gamers raising money for the community

GREAT FALLS- People in the Electric City came together this weekend to celebrate games and gaming culture at the Holiday Inn.

The Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous brought people together to experience more than just gaming, they’re coming together to celebrate what it means to help people by doing something you love.

“We partner up with two local communities here and we help them out as much as we can we have a scholarship we throw money towards,” said James Bamfield.

Whether you wanted to experience cosplay, games, or just go on a few quests, the Gaming Rendezvous had something for everyone. 

Being a gamer was not a requirement to come to an event like this, James explained how everyone is welcome to come and try something new.

“It’s an open environment everyone here is incredibly welcoming and inviting,” James said, “and it’s a great way to get your toes into gaming.”

James went on to say the event is so special because it's meant to bring people together, and allows everyone to creatively express themselves.

“We get people who used to live in Great Falls who have moved elsewhere out and now we have got people who come from across the state across state lines,” James said, “we’ve got people who come all the way from Massachusetts who come down now and it’s great to see people come together and act like nothing has changed. It's just another day we are all friends and family.”

If you are interested in experiencing this event for yourself, have no fear, because the Gaming Rendezvous is going on throughout the rest of the weekend.

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