Frozen pipes affecting many in Great Falls

Great Falls- People across Montana and right here in the electric city are without water as their pipes are freezing.

The city is citing the extended time below freezing as a big culprit for the frozen pipes.

“You take the little things for granted, brushing your teeth, using the toilet, doing the dishes. Taking a hot shower,” said LaDonna Lanning.

Lanning has been without water for 18 days.  What has only been a couple of weeks feels like an eternity for her and her family.

“My husband comes home he's cold and tired. I have to heat up water for the shower bag so he can take a hot shower,” said Lanning

The Lanning’s have had numerous plumbers over, at first they thought it was pipes in the home, but soon realized that wasn’t the problem, so they used a pump to thaw the outdoor pipe. But that wasn’t it either.

“The pipes from outside my house to the middle of the street are not frozen. It’s the connection at the main that is frozen.”

Their plumber said a frozen main is blocking only their water access, leaving them high and dry until the spring thaw.

It's a similar story across much of the city... One land lord says he feels awful for his tenant without water.

“They have actually been very understanding and realize it's not my fault and it's just Mother Nature. There really isn’t anything I could have done to prevent this. but we were lucky to come up with a simple solution to get us by,” said Mason Walker.

That solution, a helpful neighbor is lending water through an insulated hose until the line from the main in his tenants home thaws out.

And these folks are not alone. Dozens reached out to us today explaining their frozen pipe problem.

The city of Great Falls says while this is unfortunate, it is the land owner’s responsibility to maintain the service line from the home to the water main. The best way to do that is keep your water running. And Lanning agrees.

“When it gets cold and is below zero, turn your water on.  Leave a trickle, that's where we were wrong.”

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