Scout Food Drive Hopes to donate 25,000 pounds to Community Food Bank

GREAT FALLS – First Interstate Bank is teaming up with the Food Bank and Great Falls Public Schools to put on a massive food drive.

But they need the public’s help for this to work.

First Interstate Bank will be taking a half-day so all of its employees can help with the food drive.

“We're going to close tomorrow at noon, and like I said, this is a system-wide with First Interstate Bank throughout our whole footprint from South Dakota all the way out to the East Coast where we've expanded um It'll be probably over 2,000 employees and that’s not including some of their family members and friends that are going to come out,” said Kyle Herda, Great Falls Market President.

The event takes place Wednesday (09/11/2019) from one to six pm and will include seven locations, both Wal-Marts, Albertson's, Smiths, 2Js and Super One Foods.


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