GREAT FALLS - With fire season approaching, and the temperatures warming up, firefighters say leaving clear plastic water bottles inside hot cars could be dangerous.

Vaughn Fire & Rescue VFD says it could potentially cause a fire. 

Firefighters say when light is passing through the water bottle, it creates a hot spot on the plastic. Once it gets to the ignition temperature, it could light up, causing a fire inside your car.

Although the department has never seen a fire started from this firsthand, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen to you.

According to firefighters, it can happen if your water bottle is sitting in a cupholder or just laying on your seat. It doesn't matter if you have leather, cloth, or vinyl seats, it can still set on fire.

Watch this video from Idaho Power that demonstrates how it can happen:

If you're going to keep water bottles in your car, firefighters say, cover them up with a blanket, put them in a cooler, or the trunk of the car.

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