Fetch: It's the new pet store in Great Falls

GREAT FALLS- There's a new pet shop in town that you won't find anywhere else in the state. It's called Fetch, and today marks their third week in business.

Owner, Ashley Wilkinson decided to open up Fetch because of her love for pet nutrition. She says this store is different than others because it provides items that you can't necessarily get at other pet stores in Great Falls. This store was a two and half year project in the making.

It's now complete with food, toys, self serve baths, grooming, training, and daycare. She specifically picked this location because it's right next to populated places like Albertson’s on the West side of town.

"There's been nothing but a positive community response. It's been absolutely amazing. People have come and said the nicest things. There so excited to have something like this come to Great Falls," said Wilkinson.

Fetch also has a boarding facility, which Wilkinson is hoping to open sometime next week. As for a store grand opening, they're planning on hosting one sometime soon.

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