Encouraging GFPS Students to Stay Fit

GREAT FALLS- The Healthy Lives Vibrant Future Steering Committee has a goal to improve healthcare issues the community has stressed over the years.

So far, one of their focuses has been kid's health along with reducing obesity and heart disease. Following through, they've created what's called "A Healthy Weight Goal". Which involves an after school program that Get Fit Great Falls is putting on with their hands kids in all 14 GFPS Elementary Schools.

"It's really just trying to get them active, trying to encourage active play, and healthy eating,” said Kim Skornogoski with the Healthy Lives Vibrant Future Steering Committee.

The committee's initiative is to make sure our entire town is living their best healthy life no matter what your income or age is. They also encourage you to either get involved or give them input on more ways to make great falls a healthy living environment.

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