Electric City Shark Tank is finally here

GREAT FALLS - The Electric City Shark Tank is finally here. We’re sharing with you a preview of participating student’s business products and ideas. 

The Electric City Shark Tank is happening Thursday, May 9th. Six Great Falls Public School students are facing five judges who are deciding who’s business product and idea is the best.

Teachers say these students have been preparing for a few months now and starting tonight at 5:30 p.m. in Heritage Hall at Great Falls College MSU, their hard work will finally be seen.

Teachers say some students have prototypes, and some will be presenting a breakdown of their idea through a PowerPoint. Here’s what the student’s projects are.

Electric City Shark Tank Presenters:

1. Eean Mann: Neo Utensil – 4 in 1 Restaurant Plastic

2. Marina Rattling Tail: The Comfy Cloak - Wrap blanket

3. Gabrielle Pope: Bio Caps – Biodegradable Bottle Caps

4. Hallie Thompson: Wholesome - Healthy eating

5. Samantha Olson: Tiny Tracker - Blue Tooth GPS Locating Device

6. Kelton Dick: Finest White Board - White Chalkboard in Classrooms

One of the teachers working with these students tells KFBB he’s hoping the kids don’t let the nerves get to them because of how much attention this event has gotten throughout the town.

GFPS says the top three teams will get awards. The money comes from sponsors in the community.

- 1st Place: $800

- 2nd Place: $500

- 3rd Place: $300

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