east middle school

East Middle School recently received an $18,000 grant from the Great Falls Public School Foundation to go towards a completely new music tech program.

“It's just music, it's just an instrument,” says Samantha Haffner, an 8th grader at East Middle School.

This was the mindset of some students before East Middle School received this game chnging music grant.

Shortly after the new technology came into play, everything started to change.

“I've never really been open to learning music until we were introduced to Notefly and music theory,” later explains Samantha.

The program is not only helping students to learn more about music theory, but it's also introducing them to a whole new world.

“I never realized how many instruments there actually were until I was introduced to this program, like, I had no idea what a piccolo was until this year,” explains Samantha.

Not only this, but it's giving them a chance to express themselves in a pretty unique way.

“You get the right to compose your own music and do your own thing,” explains Samantha.

In the end, music teacher Lisa Shull explains that was the whole goal of the grant saying,” I just think it's made them think about how music works in the world with them.”

For Lisa and her class, this has completely changed the way they not only view music, but how it should be taught as well.

“I think they’re really cued into technology. I think anything that you can do with students and technology is a big deal right now,” explains Lisa. 

Looking forward, she says she hopes to eventually see a before-and-after school program that would allow students free access to compose and learn about music anytime they want saying, “This year we just hit the tip of the iceberg. I think there's going to be some really amazing things to do.”  


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