Temperatures are hitting the 90's this week and there are some fun ways you can beat the heat from home.

Project #1: Gummy Bear Popsicle

All you need for this project is some Sprite, gummy bears and popsicle molds. First you dump the Sprite into the mold and then place a few gummy bears. Let it freeze for a few hours and you now have an icy treat.

Project #2: Indoor Windchill

For this project you need a large bowl, ice and a fan. You place the ice in the bowl and place it in front of the fan, creating a cool breeze for you to enjoy.

Project #3: Icy Scarf

You can keep your body temperature down with this trick! Place ice in the center of a bandanna or scarf and then wrap it up. You can secure it shut with safety pins and then wrap it around your neck for instant relief.

Project #4: Essential Oil Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are always nice for a little mist, but if you put 15 drops of peppermint essential oil inside it adds more of a refreshing feel. 

Project #5: Aloe Ice Cubes 

Place aloe and water into an ice tray and let it freeze. Once it's done it will provide relief to your sunburn. 

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