GREAT FALLS - Schools across the country are showing some extra love to their student counselors all part of National School Counselor Appreciation Week.

“What do I get out of this career? It’s almost unexplainable,” said Carie Magers, Guidance Counselor, Great Falls High School

As a counselor at Great Falls High Carrie has met hundreds of students who walk through the school’s doors.

“You could probably find me in her office at least once a week now I'm here for everything she helps me out so much,” said Jorgie Hawthorne, Senior Great Falls High School

After 30 years in the field, we asked Mager if there’s any memory with a student that stuck out above the rest.

“One of my girls who graduated last year… she’s working full time, she’s been through a lot and just the fact she stuck with it with the help of so many incredible teachers inside this building…. I got a message from her the other day and she said she is the happiest she has ever been and that brings tears to my eyes and I get to share that with all her teachers,” said Mager

To this day Mager still strives to give students a guiding hand, as they handle the stresses of school and life.

“I had gotten stressed out and didn’t know where to go came in here started freaking out basically on the verge of crying and Magers was just like sit down shut the door and within five minutes it was like she defused a bomb and I don’t know how she does it but it works every time,” said Hawthorne

For everyone at Great Falls High, whether they are faculty, students or even friends, it was clear they truly are one big bison family.


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