GREAT FALLS - Many people have been asking what is going on with the hotel project on Fox Farm Road in Great Falls.

It's been a construction project in the works for months now and you’ve asked just what exactly is going on with the hotel project on 10th Ave S.

It’s a project that was officially permitted by the city back in April of 2018 and with it came lots of public concerns.

Whether it was more traffic in the area or just the added construction noise, the public was not too happy about this new addition to their city.

Now months after we were told the project was just on weather delays we still have not been given a finished product.

Now we have the answer as to why this hotel is not finished.

“The original contractor on the hotel project went into bankruptcy we have a new contractor who is currently working on assembling the subcontractors needed and we are looking to have the project completed as quickly as possible.,” said Bill McGladdery, Director of Corporate Communications for Town Pump

The project was first approved back in April of 2018 and is owned by the Town Pump Corporation and until the new team can be finalized we can expect to not see any more workers on site until then.

The original contractor was Talcott Construction. 


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