Shining Stars

All children are special, but some shine above the rest. In this new segment, our Bliss Zechman shows us how one kid is making a difference by simply hanging out with folks who are usually about seven times her age. It’s not just the familiar tune that brought these senior citizens out of their rooms, it’s company they’ve come to know and love.   “They’re busy, but they’re not too busy to think of us people,” said Estella Schmidt, ...

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Do you know a student in your community that goes beyond what is expected of them, one who gives a little more effort in school, at home or in the community? We want to let them shine, on Toyota's Shining Star, a monthly news segment that highlights the efforts of students in the community. The segment air the last Friday of every month on ABC at 10 pm and FOX at 9 pm. If you know a student who fit the description be sure to submit their information.

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