Elevation 3330 Founders

From left to right: Trever Ziegler, Brandon Cartwright and Joe Anderegg. Photo courtesy of Afiq Hisham.  

When it comes to Great Falls, the Electric City is welcoming a brand new business in the form of a public house.

Elevation 3330 hosted its grand opening Friday after three friends found inspiration for it throughout their 21 years of friendship.

The public house's General Manager Joe Alderegg says he and his friends, Brandon Cartwright and Trever Ziegler, had always wanted to own their own bar since they first met in the late 90s.

The business is named after the city’s elevation above sea level, and they specifically chose the second floor of the Strain Building downtown to give customers a more unique bar experience.

 Anderegg and his friends worked together in retail and construction in the past, learning skills that helped out in designing and building the place. And while it took a bit of time to put it all together, the Alderegg says they feel good about how it turned out. 

“It's fun working with friends,” said Alderegg. “You know, the three of us are very different, what one of us doesn't bring to the table, the other two do, and vice versa.”

Elevation 3330 has a variety of beverages available like beer on tap and wine. While they do also offer appetizers, they currently have no plans of becoming a full on restaurant.

In the coming months, elevation 33-30 hopes to install a balcony overlooking central avenue, depending on how well business goes.


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