GREAT FALLS- Two parents are now facing charges after police say their apartment was filled with so much garbage, the officer couldn't even see the floor.

We are choosing to not name the people cited in order to protect the identity of the children involved.

Both parents were charged with Criminal Child Endangerment and Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Court documents say on March 9, 2019, police accompanied a child protective services' worker to the couple's apartment on Ninth Avenue South.

A CPS worker had been investigating their case since their four-month-old baby had only gained one pound since birth. The couple has two other children, ages two and four.  

GFPD and CPS knocked at the apartment door, but no one answered. They found it unlocked and the GFPD officer went inside, announcing he was there for a welfare check. When inside, the officer said he found the home in a "deplorable state." There was so much garbage, he could not see the floor and the home reeked of trash. There was no one home at that time but the officer felt the home was not suitable for children of any age, and especially dangerous to small children. 

On March 14, the children were removed from the home and placed in the care of another caregiver. Once the children were out of the home, there was no imminent threat so no arrests were made. Both parents were cited and were expected to appear in Cascade County District Court on Monday, March 18.

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