Central Montana high school students take Western Art Week

Great Falls High Senior Amy Hasbrouck standing beside one of her Charlie Russel-inspired murals on display. 

GREAT FALLS - Western Art Week is just less than a week away! And high school students from across Central Montana are getting a head start in showcasing their art which will be featured in Western Art Week.

Over 60 pieces of art from high school students across Central Montana are making a debut in Western Art Week March 21 in the Electric City. A Great Falls High Senior who’s artwork is so good, it's actually in the running for winning possibly $100.

Artist Amy Hasbrouck, is the future Charlie Russell; she's making life-size murals equivalent to her height. It's ironic because her inspiration of color choices and western spin all come from the artist himself, who was known for his portrayals on the Old American West.

Being a native to Great Falls, she was also exposed to his work and museums. Looking at her work, you may think it took Hasbrouck weeks to paint the mural you see in the picture above. On the contrary, after barely touching the piece, she pulled an all-nighter on a school night when it was due the next day. And for anyone feeling discouraged as an artist, Hasbrouck says you don't have to be good right away to succeed.

"You have to work at it, and if you really want to aspire to be an artist, you'll make it happen,” said Hasbrouck.

As for what's next, Hasbrouck said she’s deciding on attending either the Maryland College Institute of Art or Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Out of all the paintings on display at Embark Credit Union, a top five has already been chosen including Hasbrouck's, but people are encouraged to head over to Embark on Tuesday March 14 until 5:00 p.m. to cast their votes for three top winners to take home a cash prize.

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