Celebrating 103 years

GREAT FALLS – During a birthday celebration that many won’t forget one woman today turned 103 years old.

During her birthday celebration, she was given several gifts including a star blanket and a flag from the Fort Belknap tribe, where she is currently the last and longest living member who was allotted land on the reservation.

After speaking with different members of the family Lillian’s impact on those around her couldn’t go un-noticed.

From raising her seven children to teaching almost everyone in the room how to cook, one thing about Lillian was incredibly clear.

“Oh, I've had a lot of fun during my lifetime and I enjoyed my life very much,” said Lillian Sharette, turned 103 today.

Lillian has lived through more iconic parts of history then some of us may ever get to see and we knew in our short time with her, it was clear she was one woman we would never forget.


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