cattlemans cut

The former Cattleman's Cut Supper Club has finally found their new home at Marketplace in Great Falls, and it's now called the Cattleman's Cut Steakhouse.

The decision to move and re-brand started back in October of last year; and while the move made sense from a business perspective, there was a more important reason behind the big decision.

“I'm doing this for my son. He's 16 and he goes to CMR and he's very interested in the culinary field. He's been working this business since he was a child. But I’m hoping that you know, in maybe 5 years, he can take over more responsibilities,” explains Julie Meyer, owner of Cattleman’s Cut Steakhouse.

The re-branded restaurant will have a 4 page menu with several new items to look forward to, as well as steak served at all times.

In addition to this, the family has decided to open their doors a little earlier this time and serve lunch as well.

There are still a variety of tasks that needs to be done, ranging from painting walls to helping move old furniture.

 If everything goes well, Cattleman's Cut Steakhouse will be open towards the end of July.

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