The Cascade County Sheriff's Office is under investigation after the county auditor noticed some accounting "irregularities." 

The County Auditor told the Board of County Commissioners about recent purchases made by CCSO and the board, then consulted the County Attorney's office.

The County Commission, the County Attorney, and the sheriff's office all declined to comment on what those irregularities are.

Joshua Racki, Cascade County Attorney, referred the incident to the Division of Criminal Investigation.  

If DCI finds anything to support criminal charges, the matter will be assigned to the Montana Attorney General's Office for review.

In the meantime Cascade County and DCI say they are unable to release any more information while the investigation is on going. 

Sheriff elect Jesse Slaughter told KFBB "It's imperative to allow DCI to investigate. Also it's important that we remain confidential to protect due process for those involved."

Jesse Slaughter will be sworn in as Cascade County Sheriff on January 1st.

Original Press Release from County Attorney Josh Racki:

Recently, the Cascade County Auditor noted irregularities with regard to some purchases by members of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office. The County Auditor reported the matter to the Board of County Commissioners. The Board consulted the Cascade County Attorney’s Office who referred the matter to the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) of the Montana Department of Justice.  DCI assigned an agent to investigate. Once the investigation is finalized, DCI will report its finding to the County Attorney.  Should the outcome of the investigation support the filing of criminal charges, the matter has been referred to the Montana Attorney General’s Office for review. Because this matter involves an ongoing criminal investigation neither Cascade County or DCI are unable to release more information or respond to inquiries at this time.     


This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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