The Cascade County Sheriff's Office now has an online inmate roster, which allows you to look at those currently incarcerated. 

You can check it out by clicking here.

Upon visiting the site you will see inmate names, pictures, what their charges are and more.

Undersheriff Reeves worked with both county and city IT departments to get the project done. 

“People sometimes, I think don't understand the scope until you start scrolling through the pictures and you realize those are all people in here that we have to care for all their needs and it's a big, big task. And so I think it's important when people understand what issues we have sometimes in our facility,” explains Jesse Slaughter, Cascade County Sheriff.

Overall, the Sheriff's Office wants to let people know the detention center isn't just a building. It's a building full of people, currently holding 430 inmates.

In the end, this is CCSO’s way of being transparent with the community and giving them the information they have a right to know.

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